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Related article: Date : Wed, 28 Feb 2010 15 53 15th -0800 ( PST ) From: Jason Gardham u003cgardham1 yahoo. com u003e Subject: " Ben and Me" Chapter 16 author: J. Gardham gardham1 yahoo. com ~ ~ V This story is fiction, as are the characters, if you think he sees himself in this story, the cold, as long as everyone remembers is that there is nothing a This story is not pure fantasy. " Benjamin and I " Chapter 16 Early morning after a weekend of fun and games to bill the feet Preteez Toplist n the east wing of the house leads to the pool when she heard as the most beautiful song of s, which was nothing like it had ever heard. To listen to Stop, he realized it came from Jonathan and Sparkle Homes. Wait until the song stops Bill knocked on her door. Sparkle opened the door and invited Bill to come, to ask if something n could help him and Jonathan. Bill said he could not help hearing the voice, in passing, and wondered which of them was. Spark was a deep boThe W as a look against Jonathan. Jonathan blushed a little when he smiled at bill. Sparkle has played a hand harp accompany Jonathan. "What have you singing, beauty touched my heart deeply because. " " It was a little fellow of Jonathan David sang to him when he was in the garden of the castle, as David played the harp. " " Castle Garden,... David and Jonathan, sure... do not you talk about the child of King Solomon and David Jonathan king. " " that's exactly what I am talking about Bill, Jonathan loved David with all n essence, and that was the love song when she sang that has been together with the beauty of Solomon's Castle Garden. " "This song is also the heart David deeply moved, was a wonderful love between two men , the world has managed to ignore or overlook more than thousands of years. " n " I know you are old, but you're not so old, what's your Jonathan from a song that king Solomon's son Jonathan was singingDavid long ago? "Declared Sparkle n, the great grandfather of Jonathan member Preteez Toplist of the court of King Solomon known for her angelic voice. " Each generation of Jonathans family is what we, as a singer of songs of known the sky. " " great-grandfather Jonathan is the son of King Solomon sings this ballad love with David many times and memorized it. " " It's goodbye to the grandfather of Jonathan, then back to his father, and now Jonathan. " totally taken by this bill of information, said : " Jonathan is definitely a singer of the songs of heaven, I never heard anything so awesome beautiful in my life n , " " Bill, that's something. can not go in the current company, who sang Preteez Toplist must shine, it was not meant for the ears of all the world, but his "bill in the eyes full of tears, as he said. " Jonathan, if you listened to the singing world it is possible that hearts are opened to the love that flows from his Heart of healing "n. " a lot of hatred in the world perhaps, but is that Bill herbaceousidden of angels. "" Sparkle, if Archangel Raphael agrees, it would be okay with Jonathan singing to be for the rest of our group who live here ? " " Bill is when Rafael Preteez Toplist I would go to those who are honored here to listen to this ballad. " Said n arms snake around Jonathan, Bill, Jonathan, his singing has touched me so deeply I do not think that will never be the same. ". " I can not say I'm sorry I heard that," I hope you'll forgive me, something for the audience we did not hear me say, ` t Eves - down, I was just walks the passage of what " listen Response Jonathan said. " Bill is nothing to forgive, it was meant must be touched by this love ballad, or have not heard of it. " " The is a reason for everything. " " The fact that you will be able to hear it was a mystery in itself. "" We will forward your request to pass Ermer gold and he Contact Rafael. "Thanked Bill Jonathan and brightness, and told them just out of order, under the direction the pool of a swInstant messaging and asked if he wanted to join. Let grabbed her clothes and towels on their way. The achievement of the pool that found Thomas and Benjamin, along with Brad and Gavin is already there. Thomas, Brad and Gavin were in the pool, Benjamin was fixing pancakes employees that serve over ice. Benjamin was coated pancakes with is a hazelnut paste mixed in a cocoa butter cream made ​​with gives a taste of chocolate milk before folding in half and Sprinkle sugar powder on them. Walk Benjamin said, Sparkle, he did not know what Benjamin done, but it smelled so delicious that made ​​your mouth water. Benjamin smiled from ear to ear, had learned to cook and I learned that love s very kind of praise tickled. The three of them plunged into the water. Surfacing swimming Bill to Thomas and wrapped her legs around his waist and gave her a long hug and loving. Thomas said : " That was good, with no particular reason? embrace "Bill said, ".. No, I felt like a hug I think it has, "laughter Thomas said he was happy at any time to set see Jonathan and the spark was always fascinating to swim almost as that were born to live in the water. Preteez Toplist your body moves almost slim as a fish, as compressed by water. were a pleasure to have that live here, apparently, they were always laughing and happy. \\ \\ n Brad and Gavin were doing everything possible to Jonathan and Sparkle n as they slipped under the water in order to manage well, and maintained by the scope of Brad Gavin. Bill challenged all at a diving competition as Dave walked into the pool area. Brad and Bill were excellent divers , but Jonathan and the spark is shown with some spectacular maneuvers that made the guys look like amateurs. was the father of David Execution and dived into the pool. Dave shouted at his father 's show, Jonathan Sparkle and some of its luxury diving skills. "Daddy Come Sparkle and JonatThey make us look bad, you have to help us. " o Laughing climbed to the highest diving board when he saw himself and Jonathan Sparkle, watching him with a big smile on her pretty face. with this view of his son said, " Dave these guys have some 100 years of practice in me.. " " Dad, we've all seen how some great dives only show their stuff "standing on the trampoline, staggered It his cock laughed and said, Dave. " Dad, not the things it means that your Preteez Toplist diving skills. "Is the back three steps long, this, two steps forward before jumping at the end of the table and jumped in the air, while a triple Jump, full circle the body, and a somersault before falling on the brakes of water n just a wave. When he reached the surface of the other end of the pool and Sparkle Jonathan were the first to scream congratulations. Dave and Bill 's mouth dropped open in wonder what David's father had just arrived. pinGavin and so said : "It is impossible Darin, how did you manage ? " " This is for my children, they had to do them proud. " Bill and Dave both cried, " Dad, you're amazing, you really are the best. " Looking back to Jonathan Sparkle said, Dave, "we will see, Preteez Toplist that to beat the boys. " n Sparkle Jonathan and said, " we can not beat this dive alone, but not do you mind if we make a double dip just for fun. " Everyone was given by The pool and sat on the edge and brightness as Jonathan climbed the high diving jumping in the air as Jonathan did half somersault Sparkle grabbed his ankle as Jonathan grabbed him and have that continuous wagon wheel before it breaks and the water hardly of the broken surface. Benjamin came in and saw this amazing piece of art before applauding with others and tell them that breakfast was served, " come and get it while hot. " Thomas raised his ass and shouted : "'I Ben. Benjamin hit his hand when he said : " Get the fud, while hot Thomas, " not my ass. ' " However, Benjamin, your ass is always hot and tempting, I can not help it. " laugh all boys sat for a wonderful breakfast of pancakes. Glen, Larry and Robin came Preteez Toplist out of the house looked blurred as Robin said, "Something smells good enough to eat. " Benjamin said, " there is much you throw a plate and help, it ` s and scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and cream n". Sparkle Jonathan and Dave and Bill watched in silence, you could see were talking and thought I knew what they were talking about again. Sparkle said, " kids have not even try to think of two people flip, it would be impossible for you. " "This is Jonathan and I are two broken, the only way to control, we propose a bicycle for two, if tries, two of them could get hurt. " Bill laughter said : " How do you know that's what Dave and I talked by " Sparkle said, " all the pretty face and is written Give knows whatIng character are ".. Suddenly a door in the open air and bright joined by gold Ermer All shook up and gold Beautiful gold Ermer Ermer said. " I had to come in person, but decided it was a good excuse to visit, I'm here. "He asked Benjamin to spend a gold plate Ermer some ice cream and crepes Wine as Thomas," which leads to this pleasant visit Ermer gold? " " Jonathan and shine a message in an application was made ​​, and Bill I thought I would have your answer in person, especially because this type of application is rarely, if ever ever existed. " s all turned and looked at Bill, who shrugged and Ermer gold expected to continue talking. Ermer gold went on to explain Bill Jonathan had heard her sing early in the morning and made a Rafael Jonathan asked permission to sing Preteez Toplist a special kind of love ballad to all of you. Thomas said : "Why Jonathan needs the permission of the Archangel Raphael , sing a song for us ? "PUtting finger on the chin of gold Ermer said, " is a bit more to this song as the eye can see Thomas. The last deadly to listen to this special love ballad, it was David, who was singing for he is the son Jonathan king Solomon. "" that, to be charged this morning. " re - watched every bill. Thomas said, "that is more than a little confusing Ermer gold work, please that. " " I do not understand, Thomas, and something that Bill did not is aware of is that mortals have the love ballad belongs, because it belongs to a song the area, only by the angels, and some of us, as it is sung by the audience attending , the ability to songs of Heaven " has to sing. Preteez Toplist This time, Bill said, " I do not understand gold Ermer, I 'm not part of the group either honor, that play, so why would hear Jonathan singing to shine ? holds " " Rafael is the love that flows through your heart the hearts of all men together in this house, " have gathered. 'ThereforeRafael has given permission to sing this for Jonathan evening n ". " It's much more special than any of its realization, Rafael, and the Archangel Michael, along with other angels will gather here to listen No Jonathan, when he made this beautiful love song, "he sings. Thomas looked at Bill and saw tears streaming down his face, as David pulled him in a loving embrace. " Bill why not mention that Jonathan heard singing this morning? " " Sparkle and Jonathan asked me not to mention it, because apparently, must not be capable of listening in the first place. "" I was touched, so deeply impressed by the beauty of this song Jonathan asked if I could Sparkle sing for you all, and said he wanted to see if the angels would give their permission. "" That's all I've heard of him until now, if Gold Ermer appeared " Benjamin asked Ermer gold, they had to do to get ready the angel n gold arrivals Ermer asked Benjamin I had, for his arrival did and said Preteez Toplist Benjamin.. "no, I did not know you were coming. " " What do You have done if they had known, I have come ? " That kind of Looking Benjamin nonsense, ". Did not think much, we had been waiting to have " Smiling Ermer said gold " prepared not only to hear Jonathan sing accompanying Sparkles, The angels arrive well in time, this \\ \\ n is something they want to hear and needs nothing else to do. " Sparkle began her harp as Jonathan bows his head before looking up in the sky, it begins with a voice so soft it was barely audible, s almost like water on the stones. golds my heart, in the spring.... carried by the Preteez Toplist wing of an angel. love........ pure as a breeze springs of my soul............ every word she sings......... the text came from Jonathan as living water, had to play all by the core of his being the depth of the love of Emanating from verse to when she sang the verse. When Jonathan finished his ballad of love, there was no applause, only silence , and tear- striped faces. Suddenly the sky was glowing in a variety of colors streaking in the sky, everyone was amazed. The Archangel Michael and Raphael entered the courtyard, one on each side with outstretched wings include those within. A golden light poured from the angels, the n there was nothing Preteez Toplist but golden light flows through each swirl and person there. Glen was one of the first to wake up like the others began to agitate. Glen helped Bill and Dave, and then helped others as regained consciousness. When everything was awake, he saw Thomas For Benjamin, who was not there. "What happened to us, where is Benjamin? " A feeling of panic came over Thomas when his ghost n dear called without GEtting a response. Regarding the other hand, Thomas said : "I can I'm sorry, it always in a position of Benjamin, even if you do in the vicinity. " Gold Ermer took the word, as his arm around the shoulders of Thomas: "Thomas, Benjamin were here with us, when the Archangel Michael and Raphael, the with us before making their wings shining golden light began I am sure nothing bad has happened. " Thomas fell to his knees : " I will not live without gold Ermer, s the reason why the angels joined him "\\ \\ n "I know Thomas is so like a mystery to me how the rest of the , but I know when Michael and Raphael Benjamin, you are sure to is a good reason " said bill to Preteez Toplist the sky, as he said ". search Thomas There is a small bright light, to be down, as it seems bigger. " Each look up, as \\ \\ n seeking the light that appeared in the evening sky. Thomas knelt to him, looking into the sky grows light gradually bright. in the interior of the motherParents see the light was enough to make a difference, whether it 's even an angel coming down carrying something in his arms. Coming to before the rest of the Benjamin Thomas Engel put his feet. Thomas looked at the angels eyes tear his face as he said, n ' do not seem to be to breathe. " Smiling, the angel said, " Maybe he needs a little Thomas breath. "As if understanding of Benjamin Thomas moved his arms and kissed him gently. Eyelids Benjamin waved and smiled n and said, " Hi Tom, I'm back. " cries Benjamin Thomas pulled into a hug, laugh, Benjamin said, " to stop Thomas, who pushed me so hard that you can break something. "Smile back Thomas, Benjamin said you know, I can not break anaything, you're a ghost," no. In the face of Thomas in his hands, stared at his Benjamin lover 's eyes as he said, " not Thomas Preteez Toplist More, I 'm just like you and the other hand, we are growing old as life should be. " " what. " "How? " Gabriel took the hand of alls stayed together. " Thomas Benjamin, this has only one desire for you, because the meeting n falls for her. " ' S was the desire to be able to grow old together ever leave your side. "Thomas went to Benjamin took him in his arms, " Benjamin has done for us, you, I love you a lot of my pain. " " Thomas to see what is going to die and too old for me, naked, Michael n restored my physical form and we could continue our journey together until we return to the spirit. " " Not only did it for me was something that was made by the unconditional love we have for all n, not only one another, but to all humanity. " Thomas matched the angel again, and apologized for not asking his name. " I to Garbriel, I asked for the honor of the return of the man she loves like you know Benjamin, you who see others as they come to sing songs Angels ". " Preteez Toplist They are very popular in the heavenly places. " with a shot that Gabriel in the sky and disappeared, sothe other Benjamin, gather around, it seems that everyone wanted to touch it. " To be continued : Jason Gardham
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